Sir John Tenniel  (Engraver: Dalziel Brothers, Printer: Richard Clay)         Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (London: Macmillan, 1865)

Colour illustrations are from Nursery Alice. Macmillan, 1890. Shortened version of ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ (1865) adapted by the author himself for children “from nought to five.” It includes 20 of John Tenniel’s illustrations from the original book coloured and enlarged.

Index of Illustrations

  1. King and Queen of Hearts | High res
  2. White Rabbit checks watch | High res
  3. Alice finds tiny door | High res
  4. “Drink Me” | High res
  5. Alice stretched tall | High res
  6. Giant Alice watches rabbit run away | High res
  7. Alice in pool of tears | High res
  8. Alice with Mouse in pool of tears | High res
  9. Dodo presenting thimble | High res
  10. Mouse tells a story | High res
  11. Alice cramped in Rabbit’s house | High res
  12. Alice’s hand grabs at Rabbit | High res
  13. “There goes Bill!” | High res
  14. Dog looks at tiny Alice | High res
  15. Alice meets the Caterpillar | High res
  16. Father William stands on head | High res
  17. Father William somersaults in the door | High res
  18. Father William having eaten the goose |High res
  19. Father William balances eel on nose | High res
  20. Fish and Frog servants | High res
  21. Cook, Duchess, Cheshire Cat, Baby and Alice | High res
  22. Alice and the pig baby | High res
  23. Alice speaks to the Cheshire Cat | High res
  24. Cheshire Cat fading to smile | High res
  25. Mad Tea Party | High res
  26. Hatter engaging in rhetoric | High res
  27. Hatter and Hare dunking Dormouse | High res
  28. Two, Five and Seven painting the rosebush | High res
  29. “OFF WITH HER HEAD!” | High res
  30. Alice plays croquet with flamingo and hedge hog | High res
  31. Executioner argues with King | High res
  32. Alice (with flamingo) chats with the Duchess | High res
  33. Gryphon asleep | High res
  34. Mock Turtle and Gryphon sing to Alice | High res
  35. Mock Turtle and Lobster demonstrate the Lobster Quadrille | High res
  36. Lobster primps before a mirror | High res
  37. White Rabbit, dressed as herald, blows trumpet | High res
  38. Mad Hatter arrives hastily in court to testify | High res
  39. … and just as hastily leaves | High res
  40. Giant Alice upsets the jury | High res
  41. King reflects in court | High res
  42. “You’re nothing but a pack of cards!” | High res

Nursery Alice.  by Lewis Carroll. Cover artist: E. Gertrude Thomson. Macmillan, 1890. First edition.